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Welcome to Arista Hair Solutions. The ONLY hair salon of its kind in the Midwest. We specialize in many Hair Solutions including Thin Hair Regrowth & Restoration, Hair Replacement, Hair Extensions, Micro- Point Extensions, Color Correction, Brazilian Keratin Treatment as well as offering full hair salon services to all of our clients. Here at Arista we figure it all goes hand in hand and that’s what makes us so unique. About Us | Press | Contact Us


I’ve spent years watching women and men struggle with fine & thinning hair. As a stylist, I saw first-hand how scalp & hair conditions can change over time. I discovered that poor scalp conditions contribute to visibly thinner hair & genetics play a major roll in hair loss. Our hair salon offers an end to the many thinning hair issues that people face. Hair Replacement Information


Arista Hair Solutions is an entirely new concept in the arena of hair salons. Arista brings a new approach to the hair salon world by tailoring services to meet the needs of the individual client. We push the limits of hair, using technology, design, and artistry creating sensational new looks or a welcome return to a familiar style for a wide mix of clients.
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